Loves Labours Lost

  Directed by:  Matt Davies, Summer Fall 2017 American Shakespeare Center.

Concept:  The show was set traditionally elizabethan with room for artistic liscence.  I used a "yin yang" color palate for the lovers and adorned them in many layers to be used variably throughout the show.  The boys started off buttoned down and a bit mussy but cleaned up their act for the ladies upon their arrival.  The ladies started in a bit too much finery, but quickly got dressed down to go hunting and put the boys to shame.  There are many disguises and a play within a play.  We played with pastoral elements to complete thiese looks.  The muscovite beards were achieved with bird tails, and a measly rabbit skin strapped to their heads.  We made helmets out of washbuckets, leeks, and baskets for the worthies.  Ultimately the lovers must part to meet again in Loves Labours Found... a yet unwriteen play.

Photos by Lindsey Walters